• CRISP publishes Blue Book of Science Education 2023


    Recently, the China Research Institute for Science Popularization (CRISP) affiliated to the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) published the Blue Book of Science Education 2023.

    The book was a product of collective wisdom of dozens of experts, scholars, and their teams from 10 plus universities and research institutions in the field of science education nationwide.

    Based on authoritative science education data released by China and empirical research, the serial reports in the book systematically analyzed the development trends of science teachers, science laboratories, off-campus sci-tech activities, and youth science literacy in China in recent 3 years.

    The serial reports in the book put an emphasis on landmark research achievements in the fields of related curriculum, textbooks, and teaching methods in primary and secondary schools in China.

    The serial reports inaugurated thematic discussions on status quo of the science teachers in primary schools in western China and their facing challenges.

    And some case studies focused on hotspot issues including cultivating teenager talent and making the best of science popularization resources in science venues.

    What’s more, a guideline for off-campus training institutions to carry out science education activities was released in the book.

    The blue book series were published every 2 years since 2016. Under the guiding principles of summing up experiences, communicating forward-looking perspectives, conducting evidence-based research, and giving assistance and guidance to forefront educational organizations, the series reflect the development of science education in China and gain increasing social influence.

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