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Wang Gang, president of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), met with Ryoji Noyori, winner of the 2001 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and professor of Japan's Nagoya University, in Harbin on June 28, 2019.


Ryoji Noyori was in Harbin to attend the 21st CAST Annual Meeting.


The two sides held in-depth discussions on China-Japan science and technology cooperation and innovation.


Wan extended a warm welcome to Ryoji Noyori and briefed him about CAST and its annual meeting, hoping that more Japanese scientists will attend CAST's annual meeting and other activities in the future.


The High-Level Dialogue between Chinese and Japanese Scientists was held the same day as part of the 21st CAST Annual Meeting.


Wan said that he agreed with dialogue participants that scientific research needs to integrate with government, industry and university and called on Chinese and Japanese scientists to have more exchanges and cooperation in facilitating the integration.


Ryoji Noyori thanked CAST for its warm reception and introduced some of Japan's efforts in developing heath and senior care, tackling an aging population, and promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.


He also hoped Chinese and Japanese scientists can have more exchanges and cooperation in the future.


Also joining the meeting were Tian He, academician of CAS and vice president of the Chinese Chemical Society; Okimura Kazuki, former president of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) and lead researcher of JST's China Research Communication Center (CRRC) - Sakura Science Exchange Program; and Liu Yang, director general of the CAST Department of International Affairs.


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