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Forum on Robot and Artificial Intelligence Industry Development opens in Qingdao


The Forum on Robot and Artificial Intelligence Industry Development, one of the events of the 22nd Annual Meeting of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), was held at Qingdao International Convention Center in Qingdao, Shandong province on August 13.

Lyu Zhaoping, executive secretary of CAST, Zhang Feng, chairman of the Chinese Institute of Electronics (CIE), attended the forum and delivered speeches.


Xu Xiaolan, member of the standing committee of the China Zhi Gong Party Central Committee, member of the standing committee of the CAST, vice president and secretary-general of the CIE, as well as head of the China Academy of Industrial Internet, delivered a keynote speech at the forum.


Xia Zhengqi, deputy secretary-general of the People's Government of Qingdao, also attended and addressed the forum.


The forum was chaired by Liang Jing, deputy secretary-general of CIE.


Lyu said in his speech that the central government  has attached great importance to scientific and technological innovation and regards the new generation of artificial intelligence (AI)  as a driver for promoting the leapforward development of science and technology, advancing industrial upgrading and optimization, and enhancing the overall productivity. The new generation of AI brings about profound changes to the whole intelligent industry structurally and farsightedly , Lyu added.


As an important force in promoting science and technology innovation, CAST has actively responded to the national strategies and needs and seized new opportunities to better play its role, he pointed out.


Together with relevant ministries, commissions and local governments, CAST has launched and organized a series of international conferences concerning AI and intelligent industry, such as World Robot Conference, World Intelligence Congress, World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference, and Smart China Expo, promoting international cooperation in the field of robotics and AI, according to Lyu.


CAST has also built the brand program of "Innovation China", opening up a new pattern of intelligent industry development according to different regional industries of the country. In addition, CAST regularly collects and publishes major scientific problems and technological challenges facing the world,  appealing for solutions and suggestions from think tanks and exploring cutting edge technologies that can lead industrial transformation, and create new practices and mechanisms for the development of robotics and AI, Lyu continued.


He suggested that efforts be put in strengthening basic research and  core technology development, building a collaborative innovation platform and promoting exchanges and cooperation with open attitude and jointly responding to global challenges.


In her keynote speech entitled "Industrial Internet: New Engine for New Infrastructure", Xu noted that it is necessary to develop industrial Internet to build a safer and more independent and controllable industrial chain and supply chain, which can serve as important foundation for enhancing the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry.


During the forum, Zhang Jianwei, academician of Academy of Sciences in Hamburg, Germany, Jens Kober, associate professor at Delft University of Technology and winner of IEEE RAS Early Academic Career Award in Robotics and Automation, Tan Chee Fai, president of Malaysia Robot Industry Association, and Han Zitian, professor at the Macau University of Science and Technology as well as chairman of the Macau Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, shared their experiences in the technological and industrial development in the fields of robotics and AI via video links.


Wang Tianmiao, honorary director of the Robotics Institute of Beihang University and commissioner at the Embedded Systems and Robotics Branch of the CIE, and president of College of Innovation Angel, Wang Yinxue, vice president of Chinese technology company Megvii, Liu Jianguo, chief technology officer at Haier Group Corporation, Chinese multinational home appliances and consumer electronics company, Zhao Botao, deputy general manager of CANBOT, a leading intellectual service robotics creator, manufacturer and commercial solutions provider, and Sun Songlin, vice president of Qingdao AI Industry Association and professor at the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunication, also made presentations during the forum.


Focusing on strategic frontier fields and key industries in Qingdao, the forum aims to  build an international, professional, and industrialized platform for cooperation and exchanges based on the local practice in the development of robotics and AI, and contribute to the building of an innovative ecosystem in the fields of robotics and AI in Qingdao.

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