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International Technology Trade Conference and China-Japan-Korea Technology Trade Forum held in Eastern China's Qingdao


The International Technology Trade Conference and China-Japan-Korea Technology Trade Forum, a part of the 22nd Annual Meeting of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), was held in Qingdao, Shandong province on August 13.


The event was attended by Song Jun, executive secretary of CAST, Gan Yong, academician and former vice president of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), Han Yafang, secretary general of Chinese Materials Research Society and chairwoman of International Union of Materials Research Societies(IUMRS) and officers from Consulates General of ROK and Japan in Qingdao.


Ji Hongbo, vice-chairman of Shandong Association for Science and Technology (SDAST), presided over the opening ceremony of the event.


Facilitating international trade in technology is an important task of "Innovation China", a platform established by CAST for serving technological services and trade, Song said in his speech at the forum.


The International Technology Trade Conference and China-Japan-Korea Technology Trade Forum represented an active effort to promote openness and innovation in the field of trade in technology, Song noted.


The event also provided the three countries with a great opportunity to deepen industrial cooperation regarding science and technology so that the they can make joint efforts to facilitate the development of and cooperation on international trade in technology, actively explore effective models for boosting cross-border cooperation on technological services, match domestic demand with international resources in innovation, and plan for and push forward with the integrated development of science and technology with economy and society from a global perspective, Song remarked.

Gan elaborated in his speech on the roadmap of the development of technologies concerning new materials between the year of 2020 and 2035.


Iksoo Son, representative of Beijing Representative Office, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI),pointed out in his speech the policies of ROK on technology research and development as well as technological development of enterprises, and introduced ETRI's major progress in and contributions to promoting exchanges and cooperation between the two countries in the field of information and communications technology.


Carl Rust, associate vice president for international initiatives at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) of the USA and David Bridges, associate vice president for the Enterprise Innovation Institute's international initiatives of Georgia Tech, introduced  the training plan of Georgia Tech for cultivating talents for technological progress and social development.


Akagi Koichi, consultant of Japan VE Association, Chief Manager of Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Takasago Production Design Department, shared how Japanese enterprises win in the fierce international competition, intending to provide reference for Chinese enterprises to promote creation and transfer of knowledge.


Luo Hui, head of the China Centre for International Science and Technology Exchange(CISTE), shared ideas about how to grasp the trend in global innovation in the Internet era.


Yoshimasa Goto, vice preside of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), talked in his congratulatory letter to the event about how effective use of knowledge resources at home and abroad can help stimulate the dynamism of science and technology innovation and promote virtuous cycle of knowledge, talents, and capital.


Heeki Back, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), president of Korea Techno-Venture Foundation (KTVF) , expressed support for continuous cooperation among and development of the three countries in the field of technology in his speech delivered via video link.


Representatives of Chinese, Japanese and South Korean academic circles and enterprises were also invited by the organizers of the event to the "International Room" for exchanges and cooperation, a facility in Tian'an digital center in Qingdao, Shandong province.


The scholars and business leaders exchanged ideas focusing on exploring ways of cooperation and establishing business partnership among the three countries in the fields of high-speed trains and smart agriculture based on the analysis of the resources such as industries, enterprises, technologies, products and talents.


The event aims at facilitating integration of science, technology, and economy, building an international platform for trade in technology and cooperation in science and technology innovation, and promoting the brand "Innovation China".


It's believed that the event has sent positive signals that China is willing to work together with Japan, ROK and other countries of the world to jointly safeguard the core values of the international community of science and technology, and follow the principles of global governance in science and technology under the mission of UN.


The event has also shown that China is ready to make joint effort with other countries in the world to promote facilitation of international exchanges in science and technology, resolutely protect intellectual property rights, and make the cooperation in economy, science, and technology among China, Japan, and South Korea more open, inclusive, balanced and beneficial for all.


Also present at the event were Lu Daming, vice chairman and secretary general of The Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, and executives of relevant organizations, including Korea-China Science and Technology Cooperation Center, the representative offices of JST, the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF), and Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine (KIOM) in Beijing, CISTE, and CAST's Department of International Affairs and Office for Cooperation with Enterprises.


More than 200 people from ROK, Japan, the U.S. as well as China took part in online and offline activities of the event.


A total of 750,000 people at home and abroad watched the live broadcast of the event via Chinese news website Gmw.cn, communication app Ding Talk, and local media platforms in Qingdao.

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