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About Us

    1. Administrative Departments

      Department of General Administration


      Director general: Zhou Wenbiao

      Deputy director general: Zhou Daya, Ruan Cao, Wang Bei


      Department of Organization and Personnel


      Director general: Li Kunping

      Deputy director general: Deng Fang, Tan Hualin


      Department of Publicity and Culture


      Director general: Guo Zhe

      Deputy director general: Yu Xiaohan, Song Yurong


      Department of Sci-tech Innovation


      Director general: Liu Xingping

      Deputy director general: Lin Runhua, Yang Shuxuan, Cheng Wei (taking a temporary post)


      Department of Science Popularization


      Director General: Gu Bin

      Deputy director General: Liao Hong


      Department of Strategic Development


      Director General: Yang Wenzhi

      Deputy director General: Zhao Lixin


      Department of International Affairs (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Exchange Office)


      Director general: Luo Hui

      Deputy director general: Wang Qinglin, He Wei


      Party Committee of Administrative Departments (Office of Party Construction of National Societies)


      Executive deputy secretary (Director general): Li Zhigang

      Deputy secretary and secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission: Zhang Qing

      Deputy secretary: Yu Xiaohan

      Secondary-class inspector: Xu Bin, Yang Rong


      Department of Retired Cadres Affairs


      Director general and Party secretary: Wang Jianghong

      First-class inspector: Wang Zhishun