• 6th WLA Forum calls for global scientific cooperation


    The 6th World Laureates Association Forum (WLA Forum) and 2023 WLA award ceremony opened at its permanent venue in Shanghai Lingang Special Area on November 6, 2023.

    Chen Jining, secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, and Wan Gang, president of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), addressed the opening ceremony.

    Chen Jining introduced in his address that Shanghai is accelerating its process of becoming an international sci-tech innovation center with global influence. Shanghai is ready to enhance mutual trust and cooperation with top scientists and international sci-tech organizations and enable technological innovation to better benefit humanity.

    Wan Gang noted in his address that the WLA Forum was an important platform for global top scientists to initiate high-end dialogue. He called for advocacy of perspectives of open science and open source innovation and hoped that scientists around the world could enhance cooperation and take the lead in science reformation for a more resilient future.

    Held against the backdrop of a world marked by increasingly complex global challenges, encompassing international relations, and environmental disruptions, the forum bridged among the scientists in different research fields and aimed to address the profound impacts on science and innovation through open dialogues and the exchange of ideas, spurring inspirations and proposing realistic solutions.

    At the opening ceremony, Chen Zhu, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), president of the Red Cross Society of China, and Roger D. Kornberg, president of the World Laureates Association (WLA) presented awards to 2023 WLA intelligent science/mathematics and life science/medicine winners.

    Under the theme of "Science Leads Transformation", the three-day event saw the convergence of over 300 intellectuals from 25 countries and regions, including 100 esteemed recipients of the Nobel Prize, the Turing Award, the Wolf Prize, and many other prestigious scientific accolades, more than 40 academicians of the CAS, and more than 120 outstanding young scientists from both domestic and foreign countries.

    This year’s event included 5 domains of discussions, i.e. cutting-edge technologies, research paradigms, science and innovation environment, cooperation models, and the future development of science and education. It was the largest and most standardized event since the initiative of the event.

    At the flagship WLA Life Science Forum, the WLA Intelligent Science Forum, and the WLA Zero Carbon Forum, the world laureates and scholars discussed about the transformation in the fields for applicable solutions to address pressing global issues.

    The WLA Young Scientists HUB marked another new platform set up especially for the over 100 young scientists to share their novel findings where the most exciting discussions were carried out.

    Some really touching and inspiring moments happened during the attention-drawing WLA SHE Forum, which were encouraging more females to bravely pursuing the scientific ambitions.

    60 world laureates made free speeches at the WLA Mobius Forum, analyzing and demonstrating outlooks for transforming science education for a better future.

    Notably, the total media exposure of the 6th WLA Forum spikes to over 1 billion, with worldwide online-views reaching about four million and over 10 thousand participants turned up.

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