• CAST Newsletter No. 31


    On October 8, 2023, Wan Gang, President of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), held a meeting with Peter Gluckman, President of the International Science Council (ISC), in Beijing.

    Wan emphasized CAST’s unwavering support for ISC’s endeavors, pledging to advance open science and further ISC’s initiatives in pursuit of global peace and sustainable progress.

    Gluckman acknowledged CAST’s vital role within the ISC and expressed hope that the Chinese scientific community would maintain active involvement, increase international collaboration to foster inter-disciplinary growth and find solutions to humanity’s shared challenges.

    On October 18, the World Youth Scientist Summit (WYSS) 2023 European Event took place in Belgium’s capital Brussels. Jointly hosted by CAST and the Zhejiang Provincial Government, the event drew participation from over 180 delegates from nearly 20 countries and regions. They engaged in in-depth discussions on the growth of young scientists, emerging global challenges, and opportunities for Sino-European innovation partnerships. CAST’s Vice President Shu Wei attended.

    WYSS strives to foster dialogue, collaboration, and realization of aspirations of young scientists globally. Since its inception in 2019, the summit has been held in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, for four consecutive sessions.

    This year’s event focused on the role of youth in shaping the future, balancing innovation with heritage, and interplay between development and responsibility. The discussions emphasized the importance of establishing an inclusive, trustworthy, and synergistic platform within the global scientific and technological community. Goals included fostering enduring international collaboration, guiding the next generation of scientists and innovators, and exploring ways academia can develop entrepreneurship.

    A highlight of the gathering was a special session to honor five youth innovation projects. The top accolade went to Louis De Vroede from KU Leuven, Belgium. “Our team is actively seeking partners for the design and production of solar cells,” said De Vroede. “We aspire to give our project a global outlook, and this summit has undoubtedly amplified the visibility of our endeavors.”

    On October 23, 2023, Yin Hao, Director of the China Science and Technology Museum, led a delegation to Seoul, South Korea, in response to a special invitation. They took part in the 50th Conference of CIMUSET, its awards ceremony and parallel forums and conducted official visits.

    Established in 1946 as a “Subject Group Committee” of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) for Science and Technology, CIMUSET is a community of global experts and scholars from the science and technology museum sector. The annual gathering rotates hosting among member nations. At one of the conference’s parallel sessions, Fu Zijie, an assistant engineer with the China Science and Technology Museum, presented on the topic of “Creating Video Program Innovation in an Accessible Information Environment.”

    In addition to South Korea, the delegation also visited Singapore and Japan. There, they met with international and national organizations as well as other science and technology museums with a goal of following up on existing partnership agreements and exploring new avenues of collaboration in science popularization, science education for young people, and science outreach.

    On October 14, at the 2023 World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) General Assembly held in Prague, Czech Republic, CAST was awarded the right to host the 2025 WFEO General Assembly in Shanghai, China. The event will serve as an ideal opportunity to bring representatives from engineering organizations in over a hundred countries and regions together to discuss how engineering and technology can better address the challenges of sustainable development.

    At the assembly in Prague, CAST Vice President Chen Xuedong and former WFEO President Gong Ke engaged in extensive and in-depth discussions with representatives from various WFEO member organizations.

    WFEO holds a prominent position in the global scientific and technological landscape, and China, represented by CAST, is a member of the organization. Established in 1968 under the auspices of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), WFEO boasts a membership that spans nearly a hundred countries and regions worldwide along with 12 regional international engineering associations. It is one of the largest non-governmental international engineering organizations globally.

    On October 18, 2023, the Thematic Forum on People-to-People Connectivity, part of the Third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation (BRF III), was held in Beijing. The forum showcased a series of notable achievements that exemplify China’s decade-long commitment to promoting international cooperation through people-to-people exchange under the Belt and Road Initiative. Among them, seven contributions from CAST related to science, technology, and cultural exchange received special recognition for their significant impact.

    Here are main topics of CAST Newsletter No. 31 as follows:


    CAST President Wan Gang meets with ISC President Peter Gluckman

    Young Chinese and European scientists discuss opportunities for innovation and cooperation

    CAST delegation attends 50th Conference of CIMUSET in Seoul

    CAST awarded right to host 2025 WFEO General Assembly

    Thematic Forum on People-to-People Connectivity of BRFIII shines spotlight in CAST contributions

    7th Belt and Road Teenager Maker Camp & Teacher Workshop (China-Arab Project) held

    2023 World Women Scientists Conference held in China

    China-South Africa Women Scientists Roundtable Summit

    Academic Exchange

    74th International Astronautical Congress kicks off in Azerbaijan

    China Highway Transportation Society delegation attends XXVIIth World Road Congress

    International Awards

    Former HKIE President Yuen Pak Leung receives 2023 IHEEM Lifetime Achievement Award

    Vice President of the Chinese Association of Automation Gao Huijun awarded the Norbert Wiener Award

    Scientist Profile

    Zheng Shouyi's obsession with foraminifera

    Correcting mistakes in previous research

    Winning recognition from the international community

    Upcoming Conferences

    2023 (3rd) International Conference of Non-Ferrous Materials (ICNFM)

    The 5th World Science and Technology Development Forum (WSTDF)

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