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Geological Society of China

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Acta Geologica Sinica 
Geology Review

General Information
The Geological Society of China(GSC)was founded in Beijing on 27 January 1922, one of the earliest scientific organizations in China, whose predecessor was the Chinese Society of Earth Sciences formed in Tianjin in 1909 and the earliest geological map ever produced in China (that of the former Zhili Province, covering the present Hebei Province, Beijing, and Tianjin) was published in founding issue of the Journal of the Chinese Society of Earth Sciences, 1910.

GSC set up its first local branch in Beijing in 1936 and by 1987 the branches of the Society had covered 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government. In the mid-1960s, GSC set up 3 special committees, and by 1995, it had developed into 32 special committees, 7 research institutes, and 5 working committees.The 38th Council elected in February 2006 was formed by 151 members. By the end of 2006, the Society has more than 50,000 registered individual members.

In 1922, the Bulletin of the Geological Society of China was published quarterly, primarily in English, auxiliarily in German and France. In 1936, the Council of GSC decided to publish a bimonthly periodical Geology Review. In 1952, Acta Geologica Sinica, a quarterly published in Chinese was created by merging the Bulletin of the Geological Society of China with Geology Review, but in 1957, Geology Review was restored. At present, Acta Geologica Sinica is mainly intended to publish the results in theoretical and fundamental research while Geology Review is intended primarily to focus on problem-oriented discussions, book reviews in addition to some research papers.

GSC holds more than 30 domestic scientific meetings  every year, covering most areas in the geological sciences as well as a number of international meetings.  GSC also help Chinese geologists to participate in geological activities held abroad. In 1996, the 30th International Geological Congress of IUGS was successfully held by the GSC. The World Earth Day and the summer camp on geology for young students are among the traditional programs for popularization of science.

As a National Member of IUGS(the International Union of Geological Sciences), GSC takes an active part in the work of IUGS. In 2004 Professor Zhang Hongren was elected president of IUGS. GSC was awarded the National Advanced Unit for the Popularization of Science and Technology in 1996 and the National Advanced Society in 1997, 2001, 2003, 2005 by the Ministry of Science.