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Chinese Mathematical Society

Add: 55 Zhongguancun Donglu, Haidian District, Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, P.R. China
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General Information
The Chinese Mathematical Society (CMS) is a nongovernmental academic organization for Chinese mathematicians.

The Chinese Mathematical Society (CMS) was founded in July 25, 1935 and the inaugural meeting was held at the library of Shanghai Jiaotong University. At the time of its founding, the society established the Board of Trustees and the Council, staffed by Hu Dunfu, Feng Zuxun, Zhou Meiquan, Jiang Lifu (CHIANG Li-Fu), Xiong Qinglai (HIONG King-Lai), Chen Jiangong (CHEN Kien-Kong), Su Buqing (SU Buchin), Jiang Zehan (KIANG Tsai-Han), Qian Baozong, FU Zhongsun, et al. In 1936, the Chinese Mathematical Society started publication of two periodicals: an academic Journal of Chinese Mathematical Society and a popular Journal of Mathematics which were respectively renamed Acta Mathematica Sinica in 1952 and Bulletin of Mathematics in 1953.

The Chinese Mathematical Society (CMS) convened the first general assembly in Beijing in August 1951, the second in Shanghai in February 1960, the third in Chengdu in November 1978 and the fourth in Wuhan in October 1983. Hua Luogeng (HUA Loo-Keng) had been president for three consecutive terms since the first assembly. At the fourth general assembly, Wu Wenjun was elected president, with Hua Luogeng, Su Buqing, Jiang Zehan, Wu Daren and Ke Zhao elected honorary presidents. The presidents of the fifth to the eighth are Wang Yuan, Yang Lo, Zhang Gongqing, and Ma Zhiming respectively.

The CMS joined the All-China Federation of Natural Science Societies, the predecessor of the China Association for Science and Technology, in 1950 and the International Mathematical Union (IMU) in 1986.

At present the CMS has altogether 15 subdivisions, specialized committees and working committees with more than 50,000 individual members as well as a considerable number of local mathematical organizations throughout the 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government.