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Chinese Physical Society

Add: 8 Zhongguancun Nansanjie, the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
Postcode: 100080
Tel:  +86-10-82649019
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General Information
The Chinese Physical Society is a nongovernmental organization for promoting of physics advances and for the popularization of physics.

The Society was established in 1932. Since then, eight national congresses have been held, and Zhou Peiyuan, Qian Sanqiang, Huang Kun, Feng Duan, Chen Jiaer, and Yang Guozhen have been elected presidents in succession.

 The Society joined the All-China Federation of Natural Science Societies, the predecessor of China Association of Science & Technology, in 1950 and resumed its membership in IUPAP in 1984. in the Soceity was one of the founding members of the Association of Asian and Pacific Physical Soceities. At present CPS has branches throughout the 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government as well as 28 subdivisions and specialized committees. Seven working committees with respect to academic exchanges, science popularization, publication, physics teaching, terminology examination, consultation, and women physicists were established. Now the Society has more than 32000 individual members and seven group members. Competition among the high school students is held annually to choose the excellent ones for the International Physics Olympiad  and physics prizes of Hu Gangfu,Rao Yutai, Ye Qisun, Wu Youxun and Wang Ganchang are awarded biennially to excellent scientists in physics.