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• Chinese Mathematical Society(CMS)

• Chinese Physical Society(CPS)

• The Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics(CSTAM)

• The Chinese Optical Society(COS)

• Acoustical Society of China(ASC)

• Chinese Chemical Society(CCS)

• Chinese Astronomical Society(CAS)

• Chinese Meteorological Society(CMS)

• Chinese Society of Space Research(CSSR)

• Geological Society of China(GSC)

• The Geographical Society of China(GSC)

• Chinese Geophysical Society(CGS)

• Chinese Society for Mineralogy,Petrology and Geochemistry(CSMPG)

• Palaeontological Society of China(PSC)

• Chinese Society for Oceanology and Limnology(CSOL)

• Chinaese Society for Oceanography(CSO)

• Seismological Society of China(SSC)

• China Zoological Society(CZS)

• Botanical Society of China(BSC)

• The Entomological Society of China(ESC)

• Chinese Society for Microbiology(CSM)

• The Chinese Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (CSBMB)

• Chinese Society for Cell Biology(CSCB)

• Chinese Society for Plant Biology(CSPB)

• The Biophysical Society of China (BSC)

• Genetics Society of China(GSC)

• Chinese Psychological Society(CPS)

• Ecological Society of China(ESC)

• Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences(CSES)

• China Society of Natural Resources (CSNR)

• Chinese Society for Imaging Scienceand Technology(CSIST)

• Chinese Society of Optimization,Overall Planningand Economic Mathematics(CSOOPEM)

• Chinese Society for Rock Mechanics and Engineering(CSRME)

• China Wildlife Conservation Association(CWCA)

• Systems Engineering Society of China’(SESC)

• Chinese Association for Laboratory Animal Sciences(CALAS)

• The China Society on Tibetan Plateau(CSTP)

• Chinese Environmental Mutagen Society(CEMS)

• Operations Research Society of China(ORSC)

• Mycological Society of China(MSC)

• Chinese Crystallographic Society(CCrS)

• The Chinese Society for Neuroscience(CSN)

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