Agricultural Science  
  in alphabetical order

• Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society(CMES)

• Society of Automotive Engineering of China(SAM-China)

• Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery(CSAM)

• Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering(CSAE)

• Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering(CSEE)

• China Electrotechnical Society(CES)

• China Society for Hydropower Engineering(CSHE)

• Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society(CHEC)

• Chinese Society for Internal Combustion Engines(CSICE)

• Chinese Society of Engineering Thermophysics(CSET)

• Chinese Aerodynamics Research Society(CARS)

• Chinese Association of Refrigeration(CAR)

• Chinese Vacuum Society(CVS)

• Chinese Association of Automation(CAA)

• China Instrument & Control Society(CIS)

• Chinese Society for Measurement(CSM)

• China Association for Standardization(CAS)

• China Graphics Society(CGS)

• Chinese Institute of Electronics(CIE)

• China Computer Federation(CCF)

• China Institute of Communications(CIC)

• Chinese Information Processing Society of China(CIPSC)

• Chinese Society for Geodesy Photogrammetry and Cartography (CSGPC)

• The Chinese Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers(CSNAME)

• China Institute of Navigation(CIN)

• China Railway Society(CRS)

• China highway and transportation Society(CHTS)

• Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics(CSAA)

• Chinese Society of Astronautics(CSA)

• China Ordnance Society

• The Chinese Society for Metals(CSM)

• The Nonferrous Metals Society of China(NFsoc)

• The Chinese Society of Rare Earths(CSRE)

• Chinese society for Corrosion and Protection(CSCP)

• The Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China(CIESC)

• Chinese Nuclear Society(CNS)

• Chinese Petroleum Society(CPS)

• China Coal Society(CCS)

• Chinese Renewable Energy Society(CRES)

• China Energy Research Society(CERS)

• The Chinese Ceramic Society(CCS)

• Architectural Society of China(ASC)

• China Civil Engineering Society(CCES)

• Chinese Society of Biotechnology(CSBT)

• China Textile Engineering Society(CTES)

• China Technical Association of Paper Industry(CTAPI)

• China Association for Conservation Technology of Cultural Heritage(CACTCH)

• The Printing Technology Association of China(PTAC)

• Chinese Materials Research Society(C-MRS)

• Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology(CIFST)

• Chinese Cereals and Oils Association(CCOA)

• China Occupational Safety and Health Association(COSHA)

• China Tobacco Society(CTS)

• Chinese Association for System Simulation(CASS)

• China Society of Motion Picture and Television Enginnees(CSMPTE)

• Chinese Society for VibrationEngineering(CSVE)

• Chinese Society of Particuology(CSP)

• China Illuminating Engineering Society(CIES)

• Chinese Society of Power Engineering(CSPE)

• Chinese Society of Inertial Technology(CSIT)

• Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture(CHSLA)

• China Power Supply Society(CPSS)

• Chinese Society for Composite Materials(CSCM)

• China Fire Protection Association(CFPA)

• China Society of Image & Graphics(CSIG)

• Chinese Association for ArtificialIntelligence(CAAI)

• Chinese Society for Stereology(CSS)

• China Construction Machinery Society(CCMS)

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