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CAST defines tasks of reform for 2017


According to a statement of the reform office of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), the major tasks of the reform of CAST and its affiliated organizations for 2017 have been defined, which include the following aspects:

-- Continue to push forward the construction of CAST On-line, a project aimed to.create a platform of providing society with science and technology service by connecting all the available resources through the Internet.

-- Develop an effective mechanism for CAST and its staff to liaise with science and technology professionals. 

-- Improve the governing structure and ways of operation of scientific and technological societies affiliated to CAST. Give full responsibility to presidents and vice presidents of the societies to exercise their power, stimulate the enthusiasm of societies’ special committees to organize activities and enhance the professionalism of the staff and their ability to serve the members, so as to strengthen the cohesion of the societies.

-- Strengthen the building of primary organizations of CAST. It is expected the active science and technology associations will operate in more than 50 per cent of the total number of institutions of higher education while the coverage rate of primary organizations of CAST will also be increased.

In addiction, a series of measures will be taken to strengthen the capacity building of CAST and its affiliated organizations, upgrade the level of performing the functions transferred from the government, improve the functioning of newly formed unions of learned societies, and help accelerate the reform in CAST’s local branches and societies.

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