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Beijing teenagers explore space technology and tropical plants in Hainan


Hainan, the island province in the north of South China Sea, where the tropical scenery and world-famous space launch base are located, is an attraction to children who have grown in northern cities like Beijing.

Organized by the Youth Science Center of Beijing Association for Science and Technology, more than 60 teachers and students from 11 middle schools in Beijing went to Hainan to take part in a field trip with the theme of "field space science and tropical plants" from Feb. 5 to 10 amid their winter vacation .

According to the theme of the trip, the children visited the Wenchang space launch base where China's largest carrier rocket "Long March 5" was successfully launched and exhibitions on the history of aeronautics and aerospace and on the life of Qian Xuesen (Hsue-Shen Tsien), a famous Chinese scientist, providing the students with a vivid experience of the latest application of space technology.

At the Chinese Academy of Tropical Crops and the XingLong Tropical Botanical Garden, children learned about the tropical plants unique in Hainan and their characteristics. Through lectures, scientific experiments, hands-on practices, field visits and other activities, they had learned what they couldn't learn in school. The children also visited the Memorial Garden of the Red Detachment of Women, and learned the heroic story in the 1930s that female Red Army soldiers in Hainan had fought for the liberation. 

These activities forged team spirit and friendship among these students from Beijing, and enhanced their abilities of independent observation, analysis and hands-on practice.

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