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Centenary of China Society of Forestry celebrated


This year marks the 100th year of the founding of China Society of Forestry (CSF).  The centennial celebration was held in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People on May 6, 2017. Some 500 professionals of forestry science met together to mark the occasion. Luo Fuhe, vice president of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), attended the event. Wan Gang, vice president of CPPCC, president of CAST and minister of science and technology, sent a congratulatory message to the meeting.

In his message, Wan Gang gave a high recognition of the achievement made by CSF in the course of its development for the past one hundred years, praising its positive contributions in pushing the development of forest science and promoting the modernization of forestry construction. He hoped that CSF would further study and implement the guiding principles stated in the series of speeches of Chinese President Xi Jinping, and adhere to serve scientific and technological workers, serve innovation-driven development, serve the enhancement of scientific literacy of the whole nation, and serve the scientific decision-making by the Party and government in order to make better and greater contribution to promoting the advancement and innovation of in the field of forestry of China.

Prior to the commemorative meeting, an exhibition on the theme of "One Hundred Years of Forestry in China" was held by CSF to demonstrate the comprehensive growth of CSF in the past 100 years since its founding, among which many valuable historical and cultural relics were on display for the first time.   

CSF is one of the oldest modern scientific societies established in China. It has developed from a society with 50 members when it was first established to a society with more than 90,000 individual members, nearly 200 group members, 42 secondary societies (special committees), with comprehensive disciplines, complete system and important social influence.

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