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China's "unicorns" nearly double to 131: official 2017-03-28

More high-tech zones in China 2017-03-28

Int'l patent applications from China surge in 2016 2017-03-28

China able to detect 300 known pathogens within 72 hours: ministry 2017-03-28

Beijing marks anniversary of Wang Xuan's birth  2017-03-24

Chinese scientists create 4 synthetic yeast chromosomes 2017-03-17

Yu Jihong honored with IUPAC Distinguished Women in Chemistry/ Chemical Engineering Award 2017-03-16

The 13th Chinese Young Women in Science Award presented in Beijing 2017-03-06

Potential Science Talent brings new vitality to innovative talent cultivation  2017-02-28

Beijing teenagers explore space technology and tropical plants in Hainan 2017-02-27

Chinese scientist participates in human gene editing committee 2017-02-23

Nobel laureate, Turing Award winner become Chinese citizens 2017-02-23

CAST defines tasks of reform for 2017 2017-02-23

Persistant Exploration Leads Him to the Hall of World Physics 2017-01-22

Chinese scientist elected co-chair of DesertNet International 2017-01-22

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