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Two scientists win China's top science award 2017-01-10

CAST delegation attends the 2016 World Engineering Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction 2017-01-03

5,000 Attend Event to Promote Culture, Tech, Hygiene in SE China 2016-12-27

Line for Quantum Communication to Be Ready Next Year 2016-11-25

Scientists from Belt and Road Countries Gather in Beijing 2016-11-25

Chinese Society for Metals holds general assembly 2016-11-25

Chinese supercomputer project wins top int'l prize 2016-11-24

Shu Wei meets with Elsevier chairman 2016-11-24

CAST and AAAS sign MOU 2016-11-24

CAST partners with CCTV to enhance scientific quality of youth 2016-11-24

Chinese students participates in Brazilian Science and Technological Fair  2016-11-18

Experience a smart life 2016-11-17

Shu Wei meets with President of the Royal Society 2016-11-17

Song Jun meets with STM CEO 2016-11-17

The builder of FAST relates the stories behind the world’s largest single-aperture radio telescope 2016-11-09

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