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Research: On the New Trend of the Evaluation of Civic Scientific Literacy in China


Author: Ren Lei, Zhang Chao, Huang Yuele, He Wei
Affiliation: China Research Institute for Science Popularization (CRISP)
Abstract:Scientific literacy is a continuously evolving concept with theoretical and practical connotations.When referring to the evaluation of civic scientific literacy,we should combine new content and new change of the concept with local practice and actual demand for the purpose of monitoring the development of Chinese civic scientific literacy objectively and accurately. This paper analyzes the new trend of the evaluation of civic scientific literacy from the perspectives of the evolution of scientific literacy,the innovation of survey method,the improvement of scientific literacy in the internet era. In a nutshell,some suggestions are put forward regarding the prospective evaluation of civic scientific literacy in the paper.
Studies on Science Popularization, 2017,12(2): p41-46

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