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The 1st Forum on “The Double Upgrade on Science Popularization Theory and Practice” Held

The Forum on “The Double Upgrade on Science Popularization Theory and Practice”, hosted by CRISP and undertaken by Beijing Development Center of Popular Science, was occurred on 8th, Sep, 2017 in Beijing. The forum focused on the development of science popularization industry, with “the innovative thinking on science popularization” as the theme. The forum, chaired by Wang Kangyou (the general director of CRISP), attracted a number of key-note reports respectively delivered by five experts from governmental organs, research institutes, science popularization associations, and enterprises, with nearly 30 participants there.

At the forum, Zhong Qi (the senior research fellow, and the head of the division for Science Media Research, CRISP) delivered a report “The Opportunities for Science Popularization Industry Brought by Science Popularization Informatization”, in which she illustrated how to better develop and flourish science popularization industry from the perspectives of the input of funds, the planning capacity, and the tax-relate policies. Long Huadong (the deputy head of the division for Scientific Publicity and Soft Science, Beijing Municipal Science &Technology Commission) delivered a report “Some Thoughts on the Development of Science Popularization Industry” from the aspects of related policies, the current situation of science popularization work, and the supporting measures for science popularization industry development. Zhang Yizhong (the professor from China Center for Information Industry Development) delivered a report “Information Consumption and Science Popularization Industry” from the perspectives of connotation and framework of information consumption, the mixture between the development of information consumption and science popularization industry, and the opportunities and challenges for the development of science popularization industry during the process of information consumption development. Bao Mingming (the secretary-general of Beijing Science Popularization and Culture Promotion Association) made a report “A Research on the Development of Science Popularization Industry and Its Policies during the Transitional Era in China” from the aspects of main difficulties and opportunities for science popularization development, and the policy suggestions for the sound development in this regard.

Wang Meng, the founder of Drosophila Academy, presented a report “Sharing Thoughts on the Current Development in Science Education for the Children” from the aspects of initial aims of his involvement in science popularization for the children, the current development, challenges and opportunities of his company, and his thoughts on the prospective growing of science popularization industry.

The overarching aims of the series of forums on “Science Popularization Theory and Practice” are unfolded as follows: to build a fine exchange platform for science popularization theorists and practitioners for their joint contribution to the development of science popularization, and to generate a stream of new thoughts, new perspectives, and new ideas for the promotion of double grade on science popularization theory and practice by pooling science popularization talents, beefing up information exchanges, and sparking the clashing and emergence of ideas.
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