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A Seminar on Gao Shiqi's Contribution to Science Popularization Held


This year marks the 110 years of the birth of Gao Shiqi (a prestigious science writer). In order to cherish a memory of  his fabulous contribution to the field of science popularization in China, CRISP and other related institutes jointly held a seminar on his contribution to science popularization in Beijing on 7th, December, 2016. Xu Yanhao, executive secretary of CAST, addressed a key-note speech at the seminar which attracted more than 30 participants and 10 journalists.

At the beginning of the seminar, it broadcasts a featured film "Gao Shiqi" made by CCTV (China Central Television)  in  order to bear in mind the unremitting efforts and great contribution Gao made in the field of science popularization. Thanks to his devoted spirit and energy throughout his life, science works and fairy tales created by Gao are highly popular among the people, because of this, people especially the young are nourished and enlightened by his works.

Wang Kangyou, General director of CRISP, remarks that we shall vigorously carry out Gao Shiqi's spirit and unremitting efforts, science popularization writing shall be line with the new era, and we shall innovate science popularization tools and ideas to create an increasing number of fine and popular science works. Other scholars and experts in the field of science popularization respectively expounds on Gao's contribution to science popularization endeavors.

In his speech, Xu Yanhao, executive secretary of CAST, indicates that we shall cherish a memory of Gao Shiqi from the following 3 aspects. 1.We shall have a deep knowledge of Gao's spirit and learn from his unremitting and persistent contribution to the country. 2.We shall shoulder the historical mission for science popularization undertakings in the new era. 3.We shall inspire an increasing number of science workers and practitioners to dedicate themselves to science popularization writing, and we shall do our utmost to increase the overall scientific literacy ,build an innovation-based country and deliver more tangible benefits to the people.
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