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Mid-term Exchanges and Thesis Proposal Seminar Held


Mid-term exchanges and thesis proposal seminar for the research project" disciplinary science writing theory and its practice research" was held in Beijing on 13th, April, 2017. The seminar is engaged by the research teams from Tsinghua University, Beijing Normal University, and University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc. The seminar is modulated by Chen Ling, head of the Division for Science Writing, CRISP.

The research project "disciplinary science writing theory and its practice research" started a historic research of science popularization works covering such 3 disciplines as physics, chemistry and astronomy at the end of 2016. The project is mainly concerned about science popularization books, presenting a research of the historical evolution, traits, and development laws of science writing for all related disciplines after modern science was introduced into China. In the exchange part, 3 research teams report the progress, main difficulties, and prospective plans for the project. The participating experts and team members subsequently hold in-depth discussions regarding a number of problems and possible solutions for the project. The project is conducted in a smooth and good manner on the whole.
A historic study of science popularization works about discipline in the field of China Traditional Medicine is continuously added in the  "disciplinary science writing theory and its practice research" in 2017. Fang Xiaoyang (a professor from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences), principally in charge of the afore-mentioned project, conducts extensive exchanges with attendees with respect to offering some suggestions to the possible difficulties and solutions for the project.
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