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The 7th Museum-School Collaboration Symposium Kicks Off in Changsha


The 7th Museum-School Collaboration Symposium kicks off in Changsha city on 24th, September, 2015. The theme of the symposium is museum-school collaboration under the context of the global endeavors on science education reform. Nearly 200 participants coming from China Science and Technology Museum, Beijing Normal University, and Beijing Museum of Natural History participated in the event. Several Internationally prestigious scholars from universities abroad in the field of science education made their respective reports at the symposium. Xu Yanhao, Executive secretary of CAST made a key-note speech at the opening ceremony. Wang Kangyou, General director of CRISP delivered a report entitled An analysis of the policies for Museum-School Collaboration. Yanshi, Deputy director of CRISP, presided over the plenary session.

Xu Yanhao made a report entitled “ give prioritized development to STEM education, bolster national core competitiveness for the future”, in which he indicated that the level of the development of STEM education constitutes a crucial element for the national innovation capability, and that the development of such education plays a decisive role in the national core competitiveness for the future. He further pointed out that the development of STEM education in China is still in the early stage, there remains a long way towards its full-fledged development, from that sense, we need to give prioritized development to it in the future, in doing so, such development can make significant contribution to the construction of civic scientific literacy.

In Wang Kangyou’s report “An analysis of the policies for school-museum collaboration”, he stated that the promulgation and implementation of policies concerning school-museum collaboration has greatly promoted and offered an effective linking point between school education and extracurricular activities, and he suggested that more effective policies at the national level in this regard be introduced by taking into account differing conditions in different localities and regions, in the final analysis, he pointed out that the detailed interpretation of such policies should be carried out to facilitate the sound implementation of those polices.

The 2-day symposium co-hosted by CRISP, Hunan Association for Science and Technology, and Hunan Science and Technology Museum was convened under the context of the comprehensive implementation of “outline of national scheme for scientific literacy” and the global endeavors on science education reform. In a nutshell, the symposium provides a platform for those who show keen interest in the study of science education and will continue to contribute to its sound development in the foreseeable future.

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