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CRISP Attended NARST 2015 Annual Conference


NARST2015 organized by National Association for Research in Science Teaching (NARST) kicked off in Illinois, Chicago, USA on 11th, April. The theme of the conference is “Becoming Next Generation Science Educators in an Era of Global Science Education Reform.”
Under the invitation of Bill kyle, Executive chairman of the conference, CRISP led a team to attend it. Chenling, Head of Division for Science Popularization Theoretical Studies, acted as the team leader.

NARST was founded in 1928, Its main goal is to help enhance the level of science education and scientific literacy based on making an in-depth study of science education. As one of the most important international academic conferences in the field of science education research, NARST are composed of keynote speeches, academic reports, posters as well as seminars. The conference attracted more than 1000 participants from nearly 30 countries in the world.

During the conference, CRISP-led team got active involvement in several academic reports under the topic of science learning in the environment of informal education, and science education policy, as well as poster demonstration. They had extensive and profound exchanges with participants from other countries around the topics they showed shared interest in.

CRISP-led team had an in-depth discussion with Judith S. Lederman, who is head of Education Department, the University of Illinois Institute of Technology in the morning of April, 12th. On that occasion, CRISP invited him to attend 7th Museum-School Collaboration Symposium (MSCS) in September, 2015.
Apart from those in the aforementioned context, the team also had extensive and in-depth exchanges with many scholars regarding a wide array of topics pertaining to science education.
NARST2015 is the 88th annual conference of its kind, attracting a large number of participants such as tiptop and prestigious scholars, researchers and professors in the field of science education. In a nutshell, it serves as a significant platform for CRISP-led team to keep abreast of the latest development in this regard, and it is also a good way to let the world know what is happening in the field of science education in China.
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