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The 5th Youth Academic Salon for Science Popularization Theory Innovation and Practice Development


The 5th Youth Academic Salon for Science Popularization (abbreviated for SP herein) Theory Innovation and Practice Development kicks off on 28th June, 2017.WANG Yuping, deputy director of China Research Institute for Science Popularization (CRISP), ZHONG Qi, head of the division for Science Media Center, CRISP and other participants are present at the salon. The salon is chaired by YAN Jun, head of the office under the magazine “Democracy and Science”.

The theme of the salon is mainly about “International SP and Science Culture Communications”, WANG Dapeng (CRISP) and ZHU Dingzhen(National Center for Meteorology, Film and Television; China Meteorological Administration) respectively make key-note reports around the theme.

ZHU Dingzhen’ s report is chiefly about “to perceive the functional role of science culture construction from a perspective of the SP value of meteorological film and television, where he expounds on the current difficulties facing science culture construction from a perspective of meteorology based on the actual needs of the public. Furthermore, in his report, he illustrates that equal emphasis shall be placed on the content and planning technique of SP, SP content is the key and of paramount importance, and shall be displayed in an innovative and diversified manner by taking advantage of the new media.
WANG Dapeng’s report is mainly covering “to perceive SP from a perspective of the evolutionary development for Science Media Center”, where he presents an introduction of the main research area, the current development and thoughts of science media. Since the first science media was founded in Britain in 2002, there have been more than 20 such centers sprung up across the globe. In order to keep abreast of such trend in the world, Science media center within CRISP was thus established in 2014, whose overarching role is to build a bridge between scientists and media, contributing to the development of SP.
Participants hold heated discussions regarding such issues as “internet plus SP, and Central Kitchen” after the above-mentioned key-note reports. Finally, WANG Yuping gives accolades to the salon, remarking that the salon serves as an important platform where young researchers embrace the opportunities to explore issues having to do with SP. WANG further discusses that more platforms shall be built for the scientists to gain access to SP, by doing so, SP can be easily understood and accessed by the public, and science development and culture construction can reinforce each other in a sound manner.
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