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The Writing Salon of "The Visit to the U.S: Recall Li Yuan's Voyage to Science Culture" Held

The writing salon of the book "The Visit to the U.S: Recall Li Yuan's Voyage to Science Culture”, which was jointly hosted by China Science Writers' Association, CRISP, and China Science and Technology Press, took place in CRISP on 11th, Sep, 2017. Yan Shi, the deputy director of CRISP, attended the salon as the key-note speaker.

Under the invitation, Bian Yulin (the renowned science writer), Li Daguang (the professor from China Academy of Sciences), Zhu Jin (the curator of Beijing Planetarium), Zheng Yongchun (the famous science writer), and other 40 participants were present, most of whom are Li Yuan's colleagues and good friends. Li Yuan (the prestigious science writer) passed away in July, 2017. One year later, Li Yuan's posthumous book " The Visit to the U.S: Recall Li Yuan's Voyage to Science Culture" was published, which is mainly collecting the essays and notes about Li Yuan's voyage to science culture during his visit in the U.S. The overriding aims of publishing the book are for introducing American science culture and its achievements, for following the footsteps after Li Yuan to steadily embark on a voyage to science culture, and for learning from him regarding how to better engage science popularization. Essentially speaking, the book embodying theoretical, practical and guiding importance is particularly written for those who engage science popularization.

The participants recalled Li Yuan's lofty spirit of persistent, enduring and exploring endeavors in science popularization with no particular pursuit of money and fame, and his noble spirit of helping the following generation to gain a steady rise both in work and study. Under the invitation, Li Yuan's daughters, Li Xingyan and Li Xingyu (the book is collected and organized by them) were present. In a memory of her father, Li Xingyan, in particular, mentioned about the fact that she was deeply nurtured by science culture when she was still a child.

Albeit he has passed away, Li Yuan, as the outstanding and famous representative of science popularization practitioner of older generation, will be forever in our mind for his contribution and endeavors in science popularization.
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