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CRISP Organized Lectures on Media Monitoring


Under the invitation of CRISP, Prof. Ahmet K. Süerdem from Bilgi University in Istanbul city came to Beijing for a week-long academic exchanges, he made 3 consecutive lectures pertaining to the topics entitled media monitoring methods, in addition, he also had several in-depth exchanges with CRISP research team concerning basic issues having to do with science popularization, they are civic scientific attitudes analysis, and media science communication monitoring, etc.

Ahmet made a systematic analysis of the general principle, strategy, method and process mainly around such 3 following aspects as language database construction and text analysis, content analysis and indicator construction, as well as text mining and machine learning. He demonstrated the key operation process having to do with relevance screening, theme coding, dictionary optimizing, and text mining based on the study cases of the project MACAS, and QDA miner. Through that channel, he also demonstrated how to use a research strategy based on qualitative and quantitative analysis from a perspective of sociology, how to construct a qualitative analysis model in line with the issues being studied, and how to carry out analysis and research process by applying qualitative and quantitative method.

As a veteran scholar in the study of media monitoring, Ahmet has always been dedicating himself to the study of science culture from a perspective of sociology. Considering this illustration, we can know that to conduct a monitoring and survey towards all sorts of relevant survey data, and to have an in-depth analysis of a logic connection among various coding and variables helps us gain a deeper understanding of internal process of science popularization and its impacts on the whole society and public.

Those aforementioned lectures attracted 50 participants from CRISP, Tsinghua University, and Chinese Academy of Sciences. They showed keen interest in those lectures and had hot discussions with Ahmet about media monitoring and content. Luo Hui, General Director of CRISP, gave huge accolades to those lectures, assuming that the wide application of qualitative and quantitative analysis method will be an important development trend for sociology studies.

In a nutshell, she hoped that “there will be a long-term cooperation between CRISP and Ahmet-led research team in the area of qualitative analysis, by doing so, we can seek advice and accumulate experience for the research in the future.”
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