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Research: A Data-based Observation on the Features of Internet Public Opinion in Science Communication


Author: Zhong Qi,Wang Liming
Affiliation: China Research Institute for Sicence Popularization (CRISP)
Abstract:Science communication in the age of massive information requires a distinct insight into the public. In this sense, observation on the features of Internet public opinion in science communication can be an effective approach. Based on the data sourced from an Internet public opinion monitoring system,these features are analyzed and concluded in the form of two types of analysis,namely, the contrastive analysis of public attention among different types of media, among the same type of media,and among different topics of popular science,as well as the trend analysis of the variation in public attention during different periods. The analytical results can provide references for the practice of science communication.
Studies on Science Popularization,2016,11(6):p40-47

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