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Science Education Programs


National Youth Science Camp

Since 2012, the National Youth Science Camp,which is co-hosted by CAST and Ministry of Education, invites about 10,000 high school students interested in science to participate in week-long science camp in high-famed universities and science institutions every summer. The initiative helps to broaden pre-college students'minds of science and technology, develop their interests in science and influence their study and career choices. During the camps the participants have opportunities to visit national key laboratories in different fields of sciences, touch in well-known scientists by lectures and workshops. There are various cultural and social activities to bring the participants about college life.


Science Talent Program

From 2013, Science Talent Program, co-hosted by CAST and Ministry of Education, is aimed at cultivating young science talents in the subjects of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and computer science. The priority of this program is to pave the way for the development of the young talented in innovative approaches and efforts taken by high schools and universities. And it encourages the qualified high schools to set up cooperation and collaboration with universities and institutions for the study of talents education. This program also plays a key role in the outreach of talents resources fully involved with basic disciplines researches. Through this program it could also broaden the participants’ eyes on science in innovative ways, bring them a way of critical thinking and scientific minds as well as ignite their excitements on science and technology. The program is well designed for young talents with scientific potentials in their spare time and a sound connection between high school education and university education in China.

Each year, the program provides about 600 high school students with opportunities for the access into scientific labs of famous universities or institutions. Within one-year program period the participants are set to be directed by brilliant scientists and research fellows as their mentors in terms of doing scientific researches, attending academic discussion, performing in science oriented societies and behaving with science and technology.


Dream into the Universe

Launched in 2010, the nationalwide science program initiated a range of activities on topics of space science and technology for children and youth, in which children could design their own scientific experiments that may be carried out in spacecraft, and imaginative space station. The program also features aerospace quiz, space camps, school lectures and astronauts' science class in space to display the nation's achievements in space science and technology and stimulate youngsters' curiosity to discover the space. It reached about one million students through online and offline activities. More than 50 excellent Chinese rocket scientists and aerospace experts are involved in this program.


Bridging Science Museum with School

Initiated by CAST and Ministry of Education in 2006, the program aims to build up a national network of STE museums and centers in an effort to promote informal science education. The initiative addresses the needs of science education reforms by increasing the capacity of science centers and museums to develop educational programs for school student.

More than 90 STE museum and centers joined in the pilot program. Children and Youth Science Center of CAST provides support on development of interactive activities to enhance visiting experience, integrated informal education resources for in-class science curriculum and project-based science learning. Children and Youth Science Center of CAST  also organized training workshops for science educators to enable them to improve their education activities.


China Adolescents Science Video Festival

China Adolescents Science Video Festival, founded in 2010, is a dynamic window to showcase children's science practices and their records of science observations using multimedia technologies, with a connection of science, technology and art. Each year more than 900 documentary short features, videos and cartoons are presented at the festival and 300 works are awarded.

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