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China Adolescent Science and Technology Innovation Contest (CASTIC)

China Adolescent Science and Technology Innovation Contest is jointly organized by CAST, Ministry of Education and other relevant governmental departments and institutions. Since 1979 it has been shaped to be the most prestigious and largest science contest and fair for science-loving students and teachers. CASTIC is committed to encouraging innovation in science and technology, inquiry-based and hands-on teaching approaches. It provides participants with opportunities to showcase their science projects researches and to exchange mutually. Annually 500 adolescents and 200 science educators take part in CASTIC and the awarded ones could be supported by Children and Youth Science Center of CAST to participate in international activities and share with their oversea counterparts after CASTIC.


Awards for Future Scientists (AFS)

Since 2000, CAST organizes Awards for Future Scientists annually, jointly supported by Ministry of Education and Hong Kong based H. S. Chau Foundation. AFS is aimed at discovering potential young scientists with innovative and independent spirit, excellent research capability as well as rich knowledge among senior high school students and preparing them for scientific research careers in the future. The outstanding finalists in AFS could be provided with high-famed university offers and sponsorship set for their further research and study in universities. Every year 600 applicants with their own scientific projects participate in AFS and 200 academicians and experts in science and technology serve in the judgment. After strict and all-round evaluation 100 finalists could be awarded and 3 brilliants are entitled to be future scientists. Annually a weeklong event designed for communication and competition is held for the finalists in different cities of China.


China Adolescent Robotics Competition (CARC)

From 2001 China Adolescent Robotics Competition is both a competition and a festival for school-aged children robotics fans. Participants compete for their creative thinking and hands-on ability in CARC. There are five sections in CARC, original design, basic skills, football robots, VEX and FLL robots. Annually CARC attracts more than 1200 participants all over the country. The awarded participants of CARC could be offered from international robotics competitions.

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