Agricultural Science  
  in alphabetical order

Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society(CMES)

Society of Automotive Engineering of China(SAM-China)

Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery(CSAM)

Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering(CSAE)

Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering(CSEE)

China Electrotechnical Society(CES)

China Society for Hydropower Engineering(CSHE)

Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society(CHEC)

Chinese Society for Internal Combustion Engines(CSICE)

Chinese Society of Engineering Thermophysics(CSET)

Chinese Aerodynamics Research Society(CARS)

Chinese Association of Refrigeration(CAR)

Chinese Vacuum Society(CVS)

Chinese Association of Automation(CAA)

China Instrument & Control Society(CIS)

Chinese Society for Measurement(CSM)

China Association for Standardization(CAS)

China Graphics Society(CGS)

Chinese Institute of Electronics(CIE)

China Computer Federation(CCF)

China Institute of Communications(CIC)

Chinese Information Processing Society of China(CIPSC)

Chinese Society for Geodesy Photogrammetry and Cartography (CSGPC)

The Chinese Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers(CSNAME)

China Institute of Navigation(CIN)

China Railway Society(CRS)

China highway and transportation Society(CHTS)

Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics(CSAA)

Chinese Society of Astronautics(CSA)

China Ordnance Society

The Chinese Society for Metals(CSM)

The Nonferrous Metals Society of China(NFsoc)

The Chinese Society of Rare Earths(CSRE)

Chinese society for Corrosion and Protection(CSCP)

The Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China(CIESC)

Chinese Nuclear Society(CNS)

Chinese Petroleum Society(CPS)

China Coal Society(CCS)

Chinese Renewable Energy Society(CRES)

China Energy Research Society(CERS)

The Chinese Ceramic Society(CCS)

Architectural Society of China(ASC)

China Civil Engineering Society(CCES)

Chinese Society of Biotechnology(CSBT)

China Textile Engineering Society(CTES)

China Technical Association of Paper Industry(CTAPI)

China Association for Conservation Technology of Cultural Heritage(CACTCH)

The Printing Technology Association of China(PTAC)

Chinese Materials Research Society(C-MRS)

Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology(CIFST)

Chinese Cereals and Oils Association(CCOA)

China Occupational Safety and Health Association(COSHA)

China Tobacco Society(CTS)

Chinese Association for System Simulation(CASS)

China Society of Motion Picture and Television Enginnees(CSMPTE)

Chinese Society for VibrationEngineering(CSVE)

Chinese Society of Particuology(CSP)

China Illuminating Engineering Society(CIES)

Chinese Society of Power Engineering(CSPE)

Chinese Society of Inertial Technology(CSIT)

Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture(CHSLA)

China Power Supply Society(CPSS)

Chinese Society for Composite Materials(CSCM)

China Fire Protection Association(CFPA)

China Society of Image & Graphics(CSIG)

Chinese Association for ArtificialIntelligence(CAAI)

Chinese Society for Stereology(CSS)

China Construction Machinery Society(CCMS)

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