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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) has been promoting effective integration of various innovation resources, through a series of open-ended collaborative actions, to implement the initiatives of Innovation-driven Developmentled by the Chinese government.

1. Implementing the CONTRID project.

Since 2014, CAST has implemented its project CONTRID, acronym of "Contributing to Innovation-driven Development", to engage its member societies in strengthened S&T service and intellectual support to the economic and social development in various places of the country. Such service includes providing consultance on regional development issues, helping solve key technical problems as required, organizing “matching” activities between S&T projects and experts in need, facilitating the application of advanced technologies, undertaking projects to tackle difficult S&T problems, and promoting industrial upgrading in small- and medium-size enterprises. So far, 30 innovation-driven development pilot cities have been designated, 30 national scientific societies and 10 societies at the provincial or sub-provincial level have been named as demonstration units; 432 "matching" activities were held, which have resulted in 1,984 cooperation agreements; 1,331 service stations of the academic and professional societies, together with 10 achievement transformation sub-centers, have been founded; 15 different innovation-driven development models have been formed and tested out of practice; and a talent tank of over 10,000 experts has been established.

2. Advancing the Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation campaign.

The Chinese government takes mass entrepreneurship and innovation as the source of power to accelerate development in the new era. Playing an important role in this campaign, CAST has championed for two consecutive years the organization of the National Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week, a nationwide activity held annually in October which engages all the local innovation resources, and wins for CAST high praise from the Party, government and society. During the 2016 National Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week, there were nearly 5,000 activities held all over the country, drawing in a total of over 20 million participants and over 30,000 media reports, and bringing about nearly 100 billion cooperation agreements. Led and coordinated by CAST, more than 40 national societies organized over 400 events, and the Associations for Science and Technology in 22 provinces organized nearly 300 events. Many other events were organized by CAST, including building the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation online platform, leading the government-commissioned third-party evaluation, conducting the contest for the scientific and technical workers, and constructing the offshore entrepreneurship and innovation centers for overseas professionals, etc.

3. Providing service to technical innovation in enterprises.

To meet the needs of enterprises and their S&T personnel, CAST has conducted a wide range of work, such as launching and implementing projects that would serve technical innovation in enterprises, facilitating the development of science and technology associations in enterprises, helping set up experts work stations  in the locality or at the enterprises, helping with innovation training of frontline engineers, and building enterprise innovation service platforms, etc. By the end of 2015, a total of 23,929 science and technology associations had been established in enterprises. 11 partnership alliances were formed by some of these science and technology associations, and 5,139 experts work stations or service centers had been set up. In 2016, 110 work stations were designated as demonstration ones, 1,200 frontline engineers received innovation training, 120 “innovation teams” were set up, and a comprehensive information service platform for enterprise innovation was basically set in place.

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