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The First IJCAI International Summer School on AI held in Beijing


The First IJCAI International Summer School on AI was recently held in Beijing.

Being the first of its kind ever sponsored by the International Joint Conference on AI (IJCAI), the international summer school was also held in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Alan Turing, the Father of Artificial Intelligence. The Chinese Association of Automation acted as the organizer of this event.

Co-chaired by Prof. Wang Yuefei, vice president cum secretary-general of the Chinese Association of Automation and Prof. Vincent Conitzer of the Duke University of the United States, the international summer school was attended by some 60 students from such countries as China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Canada, Japan, the Republic of Korea and Australia.

Focusing on the topic of “artificial intelligence”, the international summer school delved into multiple sub-areas such as decision-making analysis, enhanced learning, restrained theory, preference modeling, multiple intelligence system, constrained planning and the gaming theory. At the invitation of the organizer of the international summer school, Prof. Craig Boutilier from the University of Toronto of Canada, Prof. Francesca Rossi of the University of Padova of Italy, Prof. Manuela Veloso of the Carnegie Mellon University of the US, Prof. Michael Wooldridge of the University of Liverpool of the UK, Prof. Milind Tambe of the University of South California of the US and Prof. Toby Walsh of the University of New South Wales of Australia respectively presented to the summer school attendees their latest research results. In the duration of the international summer school, the teachers and students also gathered together to jointly discuss the core issues, research thinking and research methods in the area of artificial intelligence.


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