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National Conference on Theoretical Study of Science Popularization held


The 19th National Conference on Theoretical Study of Science Popularization and the concurrent 2012 Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Communication was held from August 17 to 19, 2012. Mme. Cheng Donghong, vice president and executive secretary of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) attended and addressed the conference the opening session. Nearly 200 delegates, including the scholars in the field of science communication research from Canada, Australia, Mexico, Indonesia, New Zealand, Japan and Korea, and researchers from various parts of China, participated in the conference.

Mme. Cheng Donghong made opening remarks

Mme. Cheng Donghong highly appreciated the influence of national conferences on the theoretical study of science popularization in the academia and its contribution to pushing forward the theoretical study of science popularization. She said that the present situation brought about by the social, cultural, scientific and technological development has placed higher demand on science communication. Only by relying on innovation can science communication fully play its role in China’s cultural construction.

At the conference, Prof. Ren Fujun, director of the China Research Institute of Science Popularization, made a keynote speech entitled “An Analysis of the Status of National Capacity in Science Popularization Based on Scientific Literacy”. Another keynote speaker was Prof. Bernard Shiele from the University of Quebec, Montreal, whose presentation, entitled “Culture and Scientific Culture”, explained the meaning of “culture” in western world and further analyzed the key issues to be solved in how to enhance the scientific literacy. Other participants made presentations on hot topics such as construction of science museums, coordinated regional development of science popularization in China, interdisciplinary talent and science communication.


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