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CAS and CAST to join hands in strengthening academic societies


The Chinese Academy of Science(CAS)and the China Association for Science and Technology(CAST) pledged to pool their resources to strengthen the work of the national academic societies, according to the document Guiding Opinions Concerning Strengthening the Work of Societies jointly issued recently by the two organizations, a forceful move to implement the agreement on the issue signed by the two sides.

In line with this document, CAS and CAST have established a joint leadering group composed of personnel from both sides to consult on major issues in the work of designated societies.

It is requested in the document that the relevant research institutes under CAS are to provide premises and allowances to the administrative body of the societies, and one of the institute leaders will be charged with the responsibility of coordinating the work of the relevant society.

CAS is to strengthen its support to the activities and staff of the society on the basis of competition. And the society can apply for funding to hold important international meetings. CAS will give financial support to the training of staff of the societies, including expenses they need in their short-time business visit abroad.

There are 167 national societies under CAST. Among them 44 have administrative bodies at relevant research institutes of CAS, designated as collaborated societies. This new move is favorable to complementary advantages and resources integration, instrumental in organic integration of academic exchanges and scientific researches, thus promoting the healthy development of societies.

To promote the work of collaborated societies, CAST has exclusively appropriated 1.04 million yuan for the purpose.

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