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High-speed rail highlighted at China-Arab States Expo 2017-09-11

Delegation of Beijing Association for Science and Technology participates in Thailand Science Communication Events 2017-09-08

China's research vessel finishes month-long deep sea exploration 2017-09-06

China to boost military-civilian integration in sci-tech 2017-09-06

The 1st BRICS Mathematics Conference held in Beijing 2017-09-03

China to further active engagement in Arctic affairs 2017-08-31

Experts have heated discussion over BRI and robotic development opportunity 2017-08-29

12th International Congress of Ecology opened in Beijing 2017-08-28

Beijing aims high in robotics 2017-08-26

The 32nd CASTIC successfully closed 2017-08-25

Chinese, European astronauts complete sea survival training 2017-08-23

Bullet trains ready to lay on the speed 2017-08-23

"Fuxing” bullet train to be put into operation in north China 2017-08-22

New Chinese maglev train completes pilot run 2017-08-14

Chinese science teleported into the lead in quantum race 2017-08-12

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