Chemist named head of Peking University 2008-11-19

China and US experts discuss the status of women in engineering and the problems that have to be dealt with 2008-11-19

Program of building pilot scientific literacy villages launched 2008-11-19

“Little Scientists of Tomorrow” awardees announced 2008-11-19

The 4th annual meeting of Tibet Association for Science and Technology held in Lhasa 2008-11-13

China Sustainable Development Forum 2008 held in Hangzhou 2008-11-13

NATURE publishes work on Chinese genome 2008-11-10

US-China Internet Industry Forum 2008 2008-11-10

Hainan reports 51 cholera cases 2008-11-07

Coal efficiency set to get boost 2008-11-07

China to launch Mars satellite next year 2008-11-07

Chinese Premier writes editorial for Science magazine 2008-11-04

Geneticist Tan Jiazhen passes away 2008-11-04

Prof Fu Congbin re-elected as executive board member of ICSU 2008-11-04

Forum on Innovation and Development of Scientific Organizations held in Shanghai 2008-11-03