National meeting on research facilities and financial support held in Beijing 2008-12-12

China helps build Israel's biggest solar power station 2008-12-12

Scientists urge more attention on scientific integrity 2008-12-12

WHO launches deafness prevention center in China 2008-12-12

4-month campaign to ensure food safety launched 2008-12-12

China's moon probe lowers orbit for further exploration 2008-12-12

Forum: Promote the rise of middle China with innovation 2008-12-12

CAS and CAST to join hands in strengthening academic societies 2008-12-04

Experimental reform with selected national academic societies achieves preliminary progress 2008-12-01

Over one hundred science and technology museums have been built across China 2008-12-01

China-US Experts Explore the potential in collaberation on green energy 2008-12-01

Remarkable achievements seen with China's capacity building in science popularization 2008-11-20

9 nuclear plants in pipeline 2008-11-19

China to launch 2nd lunar probe before end-2011 2008-11-19

China publishes first full map of moon surface 2008-11-19