China establishes first national aerodynamics lab 2009-07-29

Mme Wei Yu and Prof Hu Qiheng meet Indonesian guests  2009-07-29

Wen: China supports UN on climate change 2009-07-29

Eco-conservation efforts pay off 2009-07-29

Water pollution sickens 231 people in Inner Mongolia 2009-07-29

The 24th National Juvenile Science and Innovation Competition opens in Jinan 2009-07-28

Darkness comes to China with solar eclipse 2009-07-22

Darkness comes to China with solar eclipse 2009-07-22

The number of Chinese science and technology human resources reached 51.6 million  2009-07-22

Continuing education urgently needed by China's S&T personnel 2009-07-22

China's S&T team stable on the whole  2009-07-22

China, US launch clean energy research center 2009-07-22

More than 500 foreign stargazers to observe total solar eclipse in east China 2009-07-22

Chinese Teenagers Guide World Astronomical Fans on July 22 Solar Eclipse Observation 2009-07-22

China to start building first 10 million-kw-level wind power station in mid-July  2009-07-22