Meeting held to mark 110th birthday of Marshal Nie Rongzhen 2009-12-25

Prof. HAN Qide Met with Japanese Guest 2009-12-25

High-speed rail faces critical test  2009-12-15

China to launch high-speed railway from central to south China  2009-12-15

Wider ban on smoking in Shanghai public venues  2009-12-15

Premier stresses development of meteorological service  2009-12-15

Scientists have detailed genome map of giant panda  2009-12-15

CAST holds meeting to discuss on work of implementing science literacy action plan for the twelfth five-year plan period 2009-12-15

Wu Kongming elected as new president of the China Society of Plant Protection  2009-12-15

Hao Xishan awarded Jin-Pok Kim Award at 20th Asia-Pacific Cancer Conference 2009-12-15

Prof. Lu Yonglong succeeds Prof. P.G. Risser as president of SCOPE  2009-12-09

Binding treaty on climate change to be reached in 2010 2009-12-09

UN climate change conference opens 2009-12-09

China's Central Economic Work Conference 2009-12-09

Global Plant Council formed 2009-12-07