National Symposium on Internet Addiction held in Beijing 2010-09-03

China succeeds in a manned dive to over 3,700 m below sea level 2010-09-03

Icebreaker Xuelong ends Arctic scientific expedition  2010-09-03

Floods, landslides leave 3,185 dead in China this year: MCA  2010-09-03

Impoverished population in ethnic areas drops  2010-09-03

PhDs: High in number low in quality 2010-09-03

Hand-washing practices urged for professionals  2010-09-03

Confirmed cholera cases rise to 33 in E. China  2010-09-03

Experts slam blind pursuit of health 2010-08-23

China identifies 16,000 disaster-prone areas 2010-08-23

Smoking to claim 2 million each year 2010-08-23

Chinese scientists reach North Pole 2010-08-23

Students science and innovation competition rounded up with grandeur 2010-08-19

Workshop on the geopolitics of Central Asia and the regional economic cooperation held  2010-08-17

Xinjiang S&T Association strikes cooperative agreements with CAS and CAE 2010-08-17