Nuclear power firms to get tax rebate 2008-04-16

From May, no lighting up at most public places in capital 2008-03-31

China approves 2nd-phase lunar probe program 2008-03-28

More gov't investment on energy efficiency 2008-03-28

Studies offer approaches for environmental-friendly urbanization 2008-03-28

Chinese, German scientists meet to address science frontiers 2008-03-28

CAST analyses China's S&T activities in 2007 2008-03-27

Annual sessions of China's parliament and top advisory body conclude 2008-03-19

Rural Professional Technology Association calls for further actions to alleviate effects of natural disasters 2008-03-17

Song Nanping: Science ethics should be placed in university education 2008-03-14

China to deliver lunar rover with jumbo rocket 2008-03-12

Environmental body gets ministerial status 2008-03-12

Scientists find a cure for shifting sands 2008-03-12

China to continue participation in ITER project 2008-03-12

Multi-nation scientists to sequence giant panda genome 2008-03-07