Jiaolong to challenge world's dive record 2012-06-14

Genetically engineered, low-lactose dairy calf bred in China 2012-06-14

Hu attends conference of academies 2012-06-14

He Lin and Wang Xiuming scoop the 2012 Ma Dayou Acoustics Prize 2012-06-11

Fishery Science and Technology Activity Week held in Panjin 2012-06-11

Chinese science and education community vows to further science ethics education 2012-06-11

Symposium Focuses on Aquatic Product Processing Quality and Safety 2012-06-07

CAST delegation visits Ireland and UK  2012-06-07

Vice Premier urges East-West architecture exchange 2012-06-04

UNCCD to take China's anti-desertification experience to Africa 2012-06-04

Chinese president urges quality, cost-effectiveness in industry 2012-06-04

China scientists set sail for record 7,000-meter sea dive 2012-06-04

Minor planet named after Yan Jici 2012-06-04

China launches remote-sensing satellite 2012-06-04

Suzhou Birds Museum opens to public 2012-06-04