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NSPSSTC holds 2024 annual meeting in Beijing


The National Science Popularization Service Standardization Technical Committee (NSPSSTC) held its 2024 annual meeting at the China Science and Technology Museum (CSTM) on May 8, 2024.


The meeting was presided over by Yin Hao, director of the NSPSSTC, and the members of the committee attended the meeting and participated discussions on relevant topics.


The meeting listened to the 2023 work report and reviewed the 2024 work plan of the NSPSSTC.


The attending committee members proposed ideas on the topics of science popularization standard that in urgent need to be pre-researched and formulated.


They exchanged views on the direction and framework of science popularization standard, and the future development of the NSPSSTC.


The meeting emphasized that the NSPSSTC should have a deep understanding of the important significance of the formulation of science popularization standard in strengthening national science popularization capacity and promoting high-quality development.


The meeting stressed to give full play to the NSPSSTC in leveraging social collaboration efforts in formulating science popularization standards, and encouraged national societies, local institutions and enterprises to get deeply engaged in the work.


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